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I'm not a big fan of TV series. Other than Fox's 24, which as gotten more and more unrealistic each season, I never really found any other show that could hold my attention past the first 10 min. This was until ABC's Lost came along. With its reported $10M pilot, the story of 48 survivors of a disastrous plane crash stranded on an island filled with mysterious beasts has kept me coming back week after week. While continuing the main story line, each episode also gives you a glimpse into the back story of each of the main characters, it's quite intriguing to see discover the circumstances that led them to that fatal flight. Being an asian american I was also pleased to see that ABC actually casted 2 Korean actors to play the Korean characters. Of course, you also get to see Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) out of the hobbit costume which cracks me up everytime. On top of high producation value, good acting, and decent script, Lost also deserves two big thumbs up in eye cady department for casting Evangeline Lilly (Kate) and Maggie Grace (Shannon). For Evangeline this is her first big break and I think she's doing a hell of a job. She's got great onscreen presence, she delivers her lines like a seasoned pro, and she's living proof that really hots chicks can act too.

you can check out show info and episode guides here
you can download the latest episode in HDTV (Xvid encoded)here

Maggie Grace                 Evangeline Lily
so sick

Damn this Virginia weather, it totally screwed me over . I'm feeling like complete crap right now, my throat is burning, my nose is congested, and I can't go 2 mins without having to spit. So glad my next interview got postponed 'til next week. It would have been like, "Hi, nice to meet uu..wwowoohohwou" (spits in the HR person's face).

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Gmail - the ultimate spam killer

I have 2 gmail accounts, one that I use regularly and one I use as a backup. Anways I haven't looked at the backup account in over a month and when I checked it out today I was pleasantly suprised to see that it has filtered out over 80 spam messages and the only ones in the inbox were 2 legit emails from known senders. With all these gmail topics, people are probably starting see me as some crazy fanatic, but I'm just impressed by how awesome this free service is. Gmail has definately revolutionized the way people look at free email accounts.
Freezing my ass off

well I haven't had much time to do updates because I'm staying with uncle in Herndon, VA and I'm stuck with a 56K connection for now. Yeah it's pretty unbearable not having broadband access at my figertips. Anyways, gonna be going to my interview next tues at Mitre. It's not the great job offer I've been yearning for but my uncle works there and according to him, it's a great company to work for, the benefits are great and there will be room for career advancements so I'm giving it a shot. Well, if I do get the job I'm gonna have to move up here from ATL and that's gonna be a pain in the ass.

Tags: anime
count me in, currently hooked on Bleach, Gantz, and Berserk
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

A couple of days ago this game was released on Gameboy Advance in the UK. The US release has been delayed until early next year in order to avoid diverting consumers' attention from the release of Nintendo's highly anticipated handheld, the Nintendo DS. Nonethless, for you Zelda fans out there, here's a little treat.


Download at your own discretion, I'm only providing a link and will not be responsible for anything else


see reply for the password

Pop goes my Gmail

Just noticed that my Gmail account now has POP3 enabled. You'll know that you've got it if you see New Features! appear on the top on your main Gmail page. For those of you that are familiar with Outlook's mailbox settings all you need are the server addresses;

pop.gmail.com (for recieving)
smtp.gmail.com (for sending)

Make sure you type in your full Gmail address for the username.
At first I thought Gmail would put some small ads in each of the messages recieved through POP, but so far I haven't seen any at all. But I really wouldn't mind too much as long as it's not so distracting that it turns you off from using it. Besides I would rather they do that then turn this feature into a paid service. I hope Microsoft will be reconsidering their plans to start charging users for the ability to recieve Hotmail in Outlook clients. Hell, Hotmail has already become increasingly unpopular due to its ineffectiveness in blocking spam, that if they took away what many consider the only incentive to keep using Hotmail (including myself), Microsoft would be hammering down the final nail on Hotmail's coffin.

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